Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Video game number thirteen: Mass Effect 2

Game review number thirteen in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Mass Effect 2".

This is the biggest game of the week, possibly of the year for some people. The long awaited sequel from Bioware (published this time by EA) is probably the most hyped game of this month. Unfortunately for me, it's a sequel to a game I never gave a fair shot in the first place.

Mass Effect was a very popular shooter/RPG that I never really got into. I played through the first level back in 2008, and I wasn't having fun. I liked the conversation wheel where you could select what your character would say (and it had an effect on the story), but I hated the shooter elements of it. I shelved it, eventually lent it to my friend Jason and never played it again.

I had to give Mass Effect 2 a try, just on principle. It's like when Avatar came out. Even if you didn't like the previews, you probably eventually went and saw it anyway because of everything you heard about it. A game this big is the same concept, and simply shouldn't be skipped. I popped it in and was immediately offered the chance to import my character from Mass Effect 1. This made me wish I had finished that game. I tried to import my save and it turns out I didn't even have one anymore. I suppose I deleted it to clean off my memory card to save space or something. Back in the day, I honestly don't think I ever planned to play that game again. I should have saved it anyway, but hindsight is 20/20. I shrugged off my misfortune, created a new main character (Shepard) and this time I made her a female.

The opening cinematics are great, you can tell that they've spent a ton of money developing this one. You recognize some of the actors right off the bat (Martin Sheen, Seth Green, etc). There is so much story to this one (you can use the text wheel to explore all of the different conversation options). It took me nearly an hour just to get through the first mission, because I wanted to hear everything.

I got a message from Jason in the dashboard when he saw me online playing ME2. It said "LOL, play 1 first!!!". I had to rush off to pub trivia shortly after I started playing this game and I haven't picked it back up yet. I think I may just give Mass Effect another shot sometime before I pick this one again.

Overall rating? I'm barely into it, but so far...I'd give it a 7. It's pretty fun and the shooting system seems to be greatly improved over the last one. The other elements are the same...and that stuff was all enjoyable back then.

The sole achievement I got before deciding to go back to Mass Effect 1 before playing this? Right here:

Look for an updated review on this sometime in the next few weeks, after I beat the first one.


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