Friday, January 22, 2010

Video game number eight: Death by Cube

Game review number eight in my 365 Games in 365 Days project is "Death By Cube".

I was sitting here realizing how far behind I am in this project and how I really need to get moving. I thought downloading an Xbox Live Arcade game I had little to no interest in playing might be a great way to blaze through a game on the way to the weekend (where I'm hoping to try at least 5 new games). That game: Death by Cube.

This game is another in a sea of twin stick shooting games. There's no story to speak of, you control your choice of robots....shoot at various enemies, earn power ups and coins to unlock new levels. This game spits out achievements technically, I could have quit right after that. I still wanted to give the game a fair evaluation, so I played through 5 or 6 levels.

The enemies spam you with so much fire, it's difficult to stay alive. I was reminded of some of the latter levels of the old arcade game Smash TV, without any of the personality, charm, gore, "BIG MONEY" or "BIG PRIZES!"

If you love twin stick shooters, play the demo of this one and see if you like it. Me? It's not my bag, baby.

Overall Score: 5 of 10

Rating: Purely Average

Coolest feature: The shields that allow you to collect 10 or 20 enemy bullets in a bubble and fire them back at the enemy.


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