Monday, September 26, 2005

Photo Shoot Week Two

Seattle at night
Originally uploaded by JoshEEE.
Spent another Sunday night out shooting in downtown Seattle tonight.

We drove up to Kerry Park and took some sunset pictures before heading to Pete's Calzones with Heather, John, Elizabeth and Craig. After dinner, we went back to the same spot for some night shots.

I got to learn a lot about my new camera thanks to Alex and Julie. I learned how to let in light, and how to experiment with shutter speed and different ISO settings.

I got quite a few shots that I was proud of, but I really liked this one because of how bright I was able to make the city look.

Friday, September 09, 2005


Return of the Burger King toys!

I better start preparing for the gut bombs again.
At least there aren't 35 this time.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Eight legged freaks, continued

I knew it was only a matter of time before the spiders got the dog. Someone needs to tell me how to get rid of these things. What kills green spiders?

It just occured to me..

When it comes to my Star Wars collecting, I'm still really into it. I love hunting for and picking up the figures. I bought 2 just today, 10 in the last week.

However, I'm not very motivated as far as the setting stuff up goes. I sure like to buy it, but when it comes to actually unpacking it, I've always got a reason why I'm not going to. When we moved into this place, it was The shelves. I had no place to put all the figures, and I needed to build a place which I posted about here and here. That took me over a year to do, and that was way back in JUNE of this year. We're in September now!

Of course, I did eventually set up some figures. No really, I have proof I made a post Here about it. But that was only 50, out of hundreds (maybe thousands) I still have to unpack.

After that, other than opening maybe 30 more, I didn't open any. Why? No, it's not because of the wedding planning. It's because we're talking about moving and I'd hate to spend weeks setting it all up just to pack it again early next year when we potentially move. It would be such a bummer to finally have my dream room set up and then have to tear it down.

SO I have a half completed Star Wars room....just waiting to either be finished or torn down. I'd love to finish it, but it just doesn't seem right to work on it right now and then pack it up in 6 months. So, for right now I'm just going to admire what's already done. I have SOME setups finished.....or at least close.

An image of what could be.

Check it:

Monday, September 05, 2005

Eight legged freaks

It's probably because it's summer time, but there are all these weird spiders all over the house.

Today, one ate the cat.

I snapped this picture just before the cat was spun into a large web and consumed.

I suppose I could have helped, but I don't really like the cat.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

All that remains

All that remains
Originally uploaded by JoshEEE.

So I had to share this.

Over a year ago, I was at Costco and saw that they had Otter Pops. I immediately bought them, mostly for nostalgia. Fast forward to this year. I've moved that damn case of Otter Pops from my old house to the new one....and I only got through about 20 of the 250 in the case. In a year.

So much for nostalgia.

Anyway, a coworker of mine brought a case of Otter Pops in to work (a full case of 200) and put them in our community freezer just over 2 months ago.

We have this guy at work who will eat anything that is free. He started going nuts with the Otter Pops. He was eating 3 or 4 a day. So....I realized I could bring mine in, and he'd eat them for me.

So I bring them to work a couple of months ago.

Fast forward to today. I opened the freezer, and this is all there is: