Thursday, October 28, 2004

Smashing Pumpkins

Well, I did my research for a week and narrowed down all the choices on the DDR metal pad I want. I've searched all these different sites and game forums and it turns out there are probably 10 different manufacturers of these things out there and of those ten, only 2 or 3 seem to be widely hailed as really good. Then there was the Cobalt Flux which EVERY site I went to said was the best. Every site had some horror story of someone paying 200 bucks for a pad and then breaking it in the first week, but not this particular one. So, I'm going to go with the recommendations and buy to this one:

If I had any doubts, they were taken away when I got to try it live and in person. On Monday someone from work responded to my request for opinions on the best controller for the game and invited me over to his house so I could give it a try. I was sold after about 20 seconds.

He actually had one of the competitors as well and it wasn't even close. The Red Octane pad feels like a sheet metal platform with some plexiglass arrows whereas the Cobalt Flux feels like one solid, unbreakable slab. It doesn't feel the same as the arcade, it feels BETTER. It weighs about 45 pounds, and I don't see any way I'll break it any time soon. They've got videos running it over with 3 or 4 cars on the website and it still working afterwards. I know at most, I'll only run it over with ONE car, so I'm probably set. So now I just have to actually order it and then wait three weeks for them to send it (I guess they build them to order). And who knows, someday if I get really ambitious....maybe I'll buy a second one so I can hook them together and play doubles. Anyway, Ultramix 2 comes out on the 16th, so I need to hurry up and get at least one of these bad boys ordered so I can have it ready to go.

I'm documenting this because I think a year from now it will be funny to come back and see if I have decided to stick with it, or if it's just another overpriced toy sitting in the basement.

So, tonight I'm making some pumpkin pies for Heather's Halloween party, because she signed me up to make them. I make really good pumpkin pies. You are jealous that you can't have any of them.


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