Wednesday, August 04, 2004

The Great Race

So, Heather and I have decided that we are going to try and win the Great Race. It's a radio station contest where you try to collect all these bonus codes by listening to the same radio station for a month.

I'm only two days into it and I'm already sick of their horrible playlist. It's sort of like what you would get if MTV's TRL had it's own radio station. Avril Lavigne gets more airplay than at a 12 year old's slumber party. If I hear one more R&B ballad.....I may just have to quit this contest. However, the prize is a free apartment for a year (which I don't need) but more 7500 bucks you can use to buy cool electronics at Circuit City. Being a geek, that is of course the coolest gift certificate you could ever win, and a worthy prize. I could finally build that Halo room! I could give the apartment to a friend, and make them promise to let me come visit.

OH, and there's also a lease on a Hyuandi (woohoo), a gift certificate to Ikea that would be usefull and a gift certificate to a mall (which I'm sure we could find great stuff to buy with).

Of course, there are probably people out there with no life at all that will win this thing, because they are the kind of people that can:

1. Stand listening to the same station every hour of every day from 5am-10pm for a month.
2. Travel to all these events where they hand out codes.
3. Listen to Avril Lavigne and some of this other schlock without wanting to hit something.

I'm not sure I'm one of these people.

Anyway....this is just the silly goal of the moment. I'm sure by next week, we will have tired of trying to gather all of these codes and decide that we can't win the contest. If we actually did win, I'm not sure the 10000 bucks in prizes would be worth listening to this station for a month.



At 3:19 PM, Blogger Lady H said...


That damned confessions song is playing AGAIN!!!!


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